About Rachel

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In a search for a medium to express my artistic visions I have concentrated the past twenty years on the art of jewelry design. I’m a graduate of the metal arts program from American Jewelers Institute in Portland, Oregon.

I make jewelry because it not only defines how I make my way, but also allows me creative expression & serves as a marker for my growth.  The more in tune I become with the world around me and my place in it, the more involved and evolved my medium becomes.  The materials I use must be the best I can acquire.  My workmanship must constantly push the limits of my ability.  It is in this way that I pay homage to this life and to the world around me.  To me it is all precious. Each piece I create is truly a part of me.

I see making jewelry as an expression of beauty and appreciation for life’s many gifts.  It is a way to elegantly blend color, form and style together in adornment that will be worn in celebration of life’s beauty.

I hope wearing our jewelry will bring you a smile as you’re reminded how beautiful you truly are.