About Ian

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It all started with passion...

Someone once said to me:  "You need to figure out what you are passionate about, and then pursue it.  That's how you find a rewarding career."

Respectfully, I say to this person I admire, I disagree.  I remember saying to myself as I enrolled at Middlebury College in Vermont, that I was going to be an architect.  No question.  And now here I am at 43, a silversmith and jewelry designer, musician, husband, surfer, Karate practitioner, teacher, coach, father, snowboarder... So what happened?  

Thinking back to my younger years, the jewelry-making field was definitely not on my radar.  What was on my radar was the concept of passion.  That's what I did best.  Whatever it was I doing, whether I enjoyed it or not, I did it with passion.  I found that by pursuing something with all your energy and focus, doors would open up and present things you never imagined.

When I was playing ice hockey, I did it with all the passion I had... which led me to be a professional hockey player.  When I was studying Physics in college, I did it with all the passion I had... which led me to become a high school physics teacher for 14 years and ice hockey coach.  When I became a single parent, I did it with all the passion I had... which with all it's joys, led me to investigate a second career to make ends meet... (anybody remember the Vermont Rock Candle?).  Becoming an artist/entrepreneur led me to the art and craft show circuit which led me to a wonderful marriage with Rachel.  And in turn, this incredible partnership is where I have become a passionate silversmith and jewelry designer since 2009.

It's funny... the paths we follow are uncertain, but filled with potential, set-backs and opportunities. For me, the more passionate I am about everything I do, the more exciting and fulfilling this journey is.